Rouge-ah releases her first album on Kamizdat

Rouge-ah is the aristic name of Urška Preis, Slovenian musician, harp and electronics player, music writer and contemporary artist. As rouge-ah she creates rich and evoking soundscapes that merges the sounds and timbres of harp with analogue and digital processing and soakes them in the noises of everyday surroundings through the careful use of field recordings, thus creating very personal and emotional narrative, full of carefull layers of drones, textures, pulses, shifting harmonics, subtle noises and distant melodies. She is expanding the sound of harp in the contemporary tradition of harpists such as Zeena Parkins, Rhodri Davies, Clare Cooper, Hélène Breschand ao, and at the same time she is inscribing harp in the contemporary milieu of electroacoustic ambient and drone music. rouge-ah recently released her first album bare on well know Slovenian label for experimental, electronic and electroacoustic music, noise, electro pop, etc… Kamizdat.

Excerpt from the liner notes says: “[The] context of these nine compositions is deeply personal. It’s a sonic self-image sources for which come from written notes and field recordings. Subjective and intimate, these compositions are firmly grounded in affective materiality of emotions, specific written fragments and stories, from which moods, vibrations and ambiances took their shapes. Fixed as recordings they are now free and out in the open for interpretation and resistance.”

Listen and buy the record here:

Photo of rogue-ah by Tina Jenko

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