Tea Vidmar: “About motivations, reasons, inspirations and procedures” – video interview

Tea Vidmar creates on the crossroads of street theater, music and vocal performances. As a vocalist she collaborated with different musical groups (Positive Illusion, Skarabej, Aritmija, Širom etc.) and she also performs in the field of contemporary improvisation in experimental music as a soloist and collaborator with many domestic and foreign musicians (Samo Kutin, Ana Kravanja, Andrej Fon, Nina Mureškič, Tena Novak Vincek, Ivan Marincel, Damir Prica Kafka, Roko Crnić etc.).

In her music, she mainly relies on the soundness of the voice and its various shapes. She tries to translate the experience of improvisation in a street theater, based on the inspiration that she draws from the environment, into the field of musical improvisation. That’s why she relies also on the sounds of surroundings in her music making. These sounds can become an inspirational material to recreate the new voice landscapes. During the performance, she examines ephemeral qualities of the voice and it’s connection with the environment. In her solo performances she also likes to use concertina (20-key angelo concertina), bags, waste material, small objects, instruments and toys, which all serve as a basis for real-time music making.

Tomaž Grom has made short video interview with her  about her work, different ways of using the voice and her upcoming collaboration with Andrej Fon. As part of a series of concerts Confine aperto they will perform on 11th of March in ŠKUC Gallery. Watch the interview below:

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