drummer, percussionist


Gal began to express joy for drumming already as a child. At the age of nine he regularly began to visit courses of African drumming on djembes. When he was twelve, he was accepted in to a drumming school of well-known Slovenian drummer and percussionist Zlatko Kaučič. Gal joined in Zlatko’s group Kombo and regularly performed with it from 2002 to 2013. After the end of the project Kombo A, he later on collaborated with the group Kombo B several times.

He was a member of many genre different groups. He often participates in various projects of improvised type and with various musicians, including in random and unique occasions. He also performs at openings of various art exhibitions, literary events, etc.

Foto: Jože Požrl

Sometimes he performs “sound baths” or meditative sound therapy. He regularly teaches drumming and organizes percussion workshops.

He marked his 20th anniversary of regular musical engagement with a solo album and a book titled Tišina je spregovorila (Silence spoke). He devoted the bookto his daughters, Isabel and Klara. The first presentation took place on 10.10.2018 in the Hall of the First Slovene Government in Ajdovščina.

He and his family opened the door of the Klub Štala (Štala Club) in March 28, 2018. The space is intended for various cultural and art events. Club is opened to everyone, but its “schedule” is mostly devoted to improvised music, free jazz and contemporary art.




· Gal Furlan – Tišina je spregovorila, CD + book (Klopotec, 2018)


· Durizzotto / Bajc / Furlan trio – Spontaneous Clip (Klopotec, 2019)
· Nesesari Kakalulu – Nesesari Kakalulu (self-published, 2018)
· Fish On Mars – My Hungry Ghosts (Not On Label, 2017)
· Sabina Vostner – Following The Birds (self-published, 2015)
· Mojo hišni band – Esperanto Blues (self-published, 2015)
· Antioksidanti – Parfum in plastika (Not On Label , 2015)
· Kombo B – Hramo (Zvočni izviri, 2014)
· Perkakšns – Perkakšns (self-published, 2013)
· Kombo – Zvočna polja za T. S. (ZKP RTVS, 2012)
· Kombo – Biči (Zvočni izviri, 2008)
· Kombo – Skriti kotički svetlobe (Zvočni izviri, 2005)




· Solo: Gal Furlan – drums and percussions
· Orkester brez meja/Orchestra senza confini: Andrea Gulli, Aurelio Tarallo, Carlo Franceschinis, Cene Resnik, Clarissa Durizzotto, Costanzo Tortorelli, Elisa Ulian, Flavio Brumat, Francesco Ivone, Gabriele Cancelli, Gian Agresti, Giorgio Giacobbi, Giorgio Pacorig, Giovanni Maier, Jošt Drašler, Jurica Prodan, Luka Vrbanec, Marko Lasič, Mimo Cogliandro, Paolo Pascolo, Robert Mikuljan, Roberto Fabrizio, Sergio Bernetti, Vid Drašler, Vitja Balžalorsky, Zlatko Kaučič
· Perkakšns: Anže Kristan – Kiki, Aljaž Maček, Boštjan Gretič – Greta, Dominik Niki Sinigoj, Matej Vozel, Gal Furlan, Luka Vizlar, Saba Safič
· Improvised music projects (Free jazz): various collaborations



Past Groups

· Fish on Mars: Renato Brainich, Goran Štefanec, Gal Furlan (2014–2019)
· Nesesari Kakalulu: Martin Gerbec, Žiga Ipavec, Gal Furlan, Urban Kušar, Vasja Kavčič, Rok Černic, Jure Sulič, Matej Podobnik, Timi Vremec(2015–2019)
· Mojo hišni band: Mojca Velikajne, Aleš Valentinčič, Peter Šavli, Simon Kovačič, Gal Furlan, Aleks Berdon (2010–2018)
· Antioksidanti: Erik Jež, Andraž Žvokelj, Grega Marc, Gal Furlan, Darjan Brus (2013–2017)
· Kombo B: Zlatko Kaučič, Ivan Arjun Lukman, Matija Lavrenčič, Maj Palik Leskovec, Tina Jenko, Luka Zidarič, Tomi Novak, Alan Kudič, Žan Spehonja, Nejc Franca, Žiga Ipavec, Urban Kušar, Matjaž Bajc, Peter Kastrin, Jan Jarni (2013–2017)
· Kombo (2002–2013)
· Mart (2008–2010)
· Free Kingdom (2009)



Pointing Out

Club Štala (Association Kussa)

On March 28, 2018 in Lokavec about 500 years old stall opened the door to art and creativity. The founding members (Gal Furlan, Nea Černigoj Furlan, Beti Černigoj and Stanislav Černigoj) of the Kussa Society decided to allow various artists to present their work. They named the space of artistic meetings, exchanges and co-operations Club Štala. They organize concerts, exhibition, workshops, literary readings, lectures and other events. They place great emphasis on the organization of improvised concerts and free jazz. Gal Furlan also teaches drums in the barn, presents various percussion instruments, organizes percussion workshops and creates various projects in the field of improvised music.

In the immediate vicinity stands a house in which the sculptor and stonecutter Mihael Cuss lived. Next to Štala, there is Forging Museum, where Ivan and Stanislav Černigoj occasionally represent forging in traditional ways.